Some dealers make you commit to at least 3 months of rental payments, but not at Artley Violins. As always, you may rent a quality student instrument on a month-by-month basis, as long as it is needed — no minimum monthly requirements.

Our rental program has always been a wonderful way for students to explore the string world at a low cost. We are now offering even more savings for those who take advantage of our optional 12-month or 6-month “up front” payment plans.

12 Month “Up Front” Rental Plan with Insurance

InstrumentYou PayYou Save

6 Month “Up Front” Rental Plan with Insurance

InstrumentYou PayYou Save

Monthly Rental Plan with Insurance

InstrumentYou Pay

Rental Insurance Coverage

Optional Refurbishment and Comprehensive (ORC) is a unique repair service we offer to our customers for their protection and peace of mind. [Normal wear such as broken strings and bow re-hair are not included]. The monthly cost of this coverage is conveniently included in the rental fee schedule. Please call for more information.

If you decide to purchase your current rental instrument, Artley Violins will allow prior rental payments on that instrument to be applied to the purchase price, less ORC coverage payments.

Any instrument may be returned to Artley’s at any time, with no further obligation or any penalty, provided all payments are current.

TRADE UP ALLOWANCE of student instruments purchase from Artley Violins is always at least 50% of the equity accrued, less ORC coverage, assuming that the instrument has not been damaged. The Trade-up Allowance is a CREDIT TOWARD A TRADE for either a larger sized instrument or one of higher quality.