It was over thirty-five years ago that Dr. Malvin N. Artley opened the door of his violin shop to the public. Since then, thousands of satisfied customers of all ages have crossed its threshold enabling them the opportunity to experience the joy of music in their lives. Today, we are proudly continuing Dr. Artley’s efforts to provide students, teachers, and professional string players with quality instruments and services.

The entire staff at Artley Violins is comprised of professional string-playing musicians with backgrounds in performance, teaching, and instrument repair. Through our personal experiences, we truly understand the needs of players and teachers as well as the importance of having a properly adjusted instrument.

All of us at Artley’s would like to thank our customers for their patronage and support throughout the years. We deeply appreciate all of the friendships, goodwill, and business that you have given us and will strive to maintain and improve our high standards of quality that you have come to expect.